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Updating plugins

As BimStep plugins are often updated for various reasons:

  1. Adding new functionality to existing plugins

  2. Adding new plugins

  3. Bug fixes

  4. etc.

It is necessary to always have the most current version of the plugin on your computer. This will help you utility, which is automatically installed when installing any plugin BimStep it will also be added to the autostart, you can see it in the tray. The update utility itself will regularly check for new versions of plugins and update the plugins on your computer.

Clicking it will open the main update utility window, where you can see all installed lines of BimStep plug-ins and see what latest changes were added to the plugins. In order to update the plugins manually - click on the "Get Updates" button when Revit is closed

To configure the plugin update utility - right-click the icon of the update utility in the tray, and then click "Settings" button

You can perform the following settings in the window that opens:

  1. Choose whether the plugin update utility should work with or without a proxy.

  2. If you choose "With proxy server" you will have to specify all settings for it. I.e. server name, its port and login with password if necessary.

  3. Frequency of updating every hour or only at utility start, i.e. at computer start.

  4. Select the language for the plugins to work in.

  5. Check connection.

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