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Offline license


The "Offline" license type allows you to use the license for BimStep plug-ins only on one computer without the possibility of transferring it to another computer, because the license key is generated based on a specific request code, which changes when you change the operating system or hardware on your computer.

Important! The license will burn out, if you change the hardware or operating system on your computer, and cannot be restored. Also, when working on macOS, the license will not work correctly.

When purchasing plug-ins with the Offline license type, you must enter a request code that you will get from the plug-in window in Revit.

After you purchase a plugin, you will receive an email with a confirmation of the purchase and a license key. You will need to enter the license key into the appropriate field in the plugin license window and click "Activate". After successful activation - you can use the plugin tools for the entire paid period.

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