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Online license


The "Online" license type allows you to use the license for BimStep plug-ins on multiple machines with the option to transfer between them. The "Online" license works as follows:

  1. To activate the plugin, you use a login and password. The login is your email address specified when purchasing the plugin, and the password is automatically generated and sent to the email address specified when purchasing the plugin.

  2. With login and password you can take one available license slot to work with plugins. An Internet connection is required at this point.

  3. You can then work with the plugins without an internet connection for the duration of the license.

  4. If you want to free a license slot to take it on another machine, you have to manually click on the "Deactivate" button and the license slot will be released and you can take it on another machine. An Internet connection is required at this point.

Important. When working with an online license it is not automatically released, so you must release it manually. The same applies when you change the operating system or reinstall Revit. I.e. before all reinstallations of the system and the program you must deactivate the license manually, otherwise it will burn out and you will not be able to restore it.


Activating plugin.

Open Revit and start the license window for the plug-in

  1. Enter login (the email specified when purchasing the plugin)

  2. Enter password (will be sent to you after you buy the plugin)

  3. "Activate" - button for activating the plugin and taking one slot of the available license

  4. "Deactivate" - button to deactivate the plugin and return one slot of the available license

  5. Button to restore the password. A letter will be sent to the login e-mail.

  6. Button to change the password. After clicking on it - it opens additional tools to change the password. I.e. you will need to specify a new password and repeat it, and then click on "Change". After changing the password, you will receive a notification on your login email.

  7. Open the license manager window. Needed to display all available licenses by mail-login and keep track of available slots, as well as users who activated.

  8. A set of fields to be filled in for connecting a license with a proxy server. It is necessary if free Internet access is blocked in your organization and only a proxy server is available. In these fields you must specify:
    Server name
    Login (if necessary)
    Password (if necessary)
    and then press save and activate the license with the proxy server settings..

  9.  9. A set of button-links to BimStep resources.

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