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Schedules by standard

If you are tired of arguing with the normative control or the customer about the design of Revit schedules by standard. They do not like the fact that each line is the same value, then they want the inscription on the grouping is somewhere to the left written, and not in the center, then they do not like that in the schedule for parameters that should be calculated total some zeros, because the sum there is actually turned out zero, and they want to for example "-".

That's it, there is a way out now! And it's the "Schedule by Standard" plugin.

There was the schedule like this

1. Launching the plugin.

2. Setting up the plugin.

In the appeared window select the following settings

  1. Specify the ticks by which parameters you want to run.

  2. Specify whether to make a grouping line in the middle.

  3. Specify whether you want to replace the zeros in the cells with some specified characters. Next, specify that symbol.

      For example: "-".

     4. Click "Done".

That's it! We're already getting that schedule!

3. The operation of the plugin.

It's prettier. Isn't it?!

Just be careful, it's all a fake!

As such association was made with the help of families of pads, which are downloaded from the server BimStep as well as a text note.

4. Update the modified schedules.

To update all the schedules on a sheet or in the whole project, you can use the plugin that is located next to the above on another button.

We launch the plugin for updating specifications and select the work format.

  1. For previously processed schedules on the active sheet.

  2. For all previously processed schedules in the whole project.

  3. Click Finish.

As a result, all schedules that were previously processed according to the settings will be updated.

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