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Room number

The "Room number" plugin allows you to write a room number or room name to the parameter you specify. This plugin can be used when you want to create, for example, a schedule of materials with sorting by rooms.

1. Click on "Room number" plugin.

2. Choose a plugin setting

Choose the setting in the opened window

  1. Specify the format of work on the identification of rooms or spaces in the current or linked models. I.e. the plugin allows you to work both in the current model and in linked models. It will be convenient to work with linked architecture models.

  2. If the format of work is chosen by connection, the next step is, of course, to choose this connection in the drop-down sheet.

  3. Specify from which parameter of the room/space you will need to take the value.

  4. Specify which stage we are going to work with. It is necessary because the rooms may be in the same place in the model but in different stages.

  5. Choose the categories of families in our model that we will work with.

  6. We update the sheet of parameters at the families we have chosen.

  7. Choose a parameter, where we will write the value of the parameter.

  8. Click "Done".

As a result, the room number is written to the specified parameter.

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