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PDF printing

The "PDF printing" plugin allows you to print to PDF a set of sheets you have prepared in advance in a certain order and immediately selects the format of the sheet from Windows.

1. Preparing a set of sheets

There are two ways to prepare a set of sheets for printing

a) With the standard functionality of Revita, you can create a sheet set for printing. Note that you can't change the order of the sheets in it.

b) With the help of the "Create set" plugin. We'll tell you about it more in detail.

  1. Choose the necessary sheets in the Project Manager.

  2. Launch the "Create set" plugin.

3. Choose a name for the new sheet set in the opened window. You will save it in the opened model.

4. If you want to change the order of the sheets in the PDF, do it with the help of arrows. Select a certain sheet in the set, then move it up or down in the sheet.

5. Click "Done".

Great, the sheet set was quickly created!

2. Changing set in the manager

Also, if you have made any mistakes or want to change a previously created sheet set, you can do it with the appropriate "Sheet set manager" plugin.

Launch the "Set Manager" plugin

The following operations can be performed in the opened window

  1. Choose one of the previously created sheets sets

  2. Add or remove a sheet from the set using the arrow buttons or by double-clicking on it

  3. Use the same arrow-buttons to change the position of a sheet in the set

  4. Save the set after making changes

  5. Delete the selected set.

3. PDF printing

So at this point you should have everything set up. Launch the plugin "Print PDF"

In the opened window you need to make the following settings:

  1. Select a set of sheets from the open actual model

  2. Select a sheet set from the linked models if you want to print to PDF including linked models.

  3. If you want to save a set of sheets sets of actual model and linked models, you can save them, so that you can easily select a previously saved set in the future.

  4. Choose one of the PDF printers installed on your computer.

  5. Add non-standard sheets, e.g. A1x3 or A0x2, etc., which are absent in the standard Windows print options.

  6. Click "Done".

As a result the plugin will send a set of sheets to the selected PDF printer for printing. Note that a lot of printing depends on the PDF printer and the plugin can not impact it.

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