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Export to DWG

The Export to DWG plugin allows you to export selected sheet sets in the current open file and sheet sets in linked files to Autocad at a time. It is also possible to export sheets to a single DWG file. In other words, if we have 20 sheets in revit, we get 20 sheets in DWG by default. This is inconvenient for work, especially when you need to work with related specialists or when the customer requires that the result of the work was issued in a single file, rather than 20.

1. Launching the plugin

2. Setting up the plugin

In the new window below you are to make the following settings:

  1. Choose a folder to unload to DWG.

  2. Choose a sheet set from the current opened model.

  3. Select a sheet set from linked models if you want to print to DWG including from linked models.

  4. If you want to save a set of sheet sets of the actual model and linked models, you can save them, so that you can easily select the previously saved set in the future.

  5. If you want to unload to a single DWG file, check this box.

  6. Select the settings for export to DWG. You need to specify them beforehand with the standard Revit functionality.

  7. Click "Done".

3. The result of the operation of the plugin.

You will end up with a new DWG document with the sheets exported to it.

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