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Copy sheet

Обновлено: 17 дек. 2023 г.

The "Copy sheet" plugin allows you to make a copy of the chosen sheet with all its parameters with a few clicks of the mouse, as well as to copy the views, schedules, legends, sizes and text notes located on the sheet.

1. Choose a sheet in the Project Manager

2. Click on the "Copy sheet" plugin

3. Choose what to copy

In the opened window choose the settings

  1. Are we going to copy species? If yes, they will be copied with the suffix "_dubbing"

  2. A copy of the schedules

  3. A copy of text labels

  4. Copy of the sizes

  5. Set name and number for the new sheet

As a result, we get a new sheet in the Project Manager with all the copied elements and the sheet name and number set in the settings.

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