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Context filter

The "Context Filter" plugin will allow you to quickly hide, isolate and choose certain families, their types and categories, which will greatly simplify working with elements on the active view.

1. Click on the "Context Filter" plugin at some active view

2. Hiding, choice and isolation

  1. Choose certain categories or families or types of families

  2. Click the " Choose", "Isolate" or "Hide" buttons on the example of a wall category

3. Creating a filter on the view

You can also use this plugin to immediately make a filter and apply it to the active view, hiding certain types of families in the active view.

  1. Choose certain types

  2. Specify a name for the new filter

  3. Click the "Create and apply on view" button

If it's not enough to choose, hide and isolate items by a certain family type - you can also apply an additional filter by parameter.

 To do this

  1. Choose certain family types in the first window

  2. Click on the "Include parameters" checkbox

  3. Choose a parameter for filtering

  4. Set the choice condition

  5. Choose the setting of the parameter

  6. Click on the "Choose", "Hide" or "Isolate" buttons

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