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Colored tabs Hidden tabs

The "Color Tabs Hidden Tabs" plugin is inside the "Settings" button and allows you to hide some tabs in the Revit sheet and paint the tabs of open documents in Revit in different colors, depending on the project.

1. Launching the plugin

2. Setting up the plugin

In the opened window select:

  1. Turn on or off the checkbox if you want this or that tab to be hidden on the Revit sheet.

  2. Choose "Colored tabs" if you want the tabs of open views in the project to be in different colors.

  3. Choose the Language for the plugin to work in.

  4. Click on "Done".

3. Plugin operation

If you turn off any tabs in the plugin, they will be hidden in Revit.

If you turn on colored tabs, you will color your tabs by views depending on the open documents.

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