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The "Annotations" set of plugins helps you to design views and nodes faster, without searching for families in the project, and you will always have all the necessary buttons at your fingertips. This is a set of plugins in which a separate button is responsible for creating each of the design families.

1. Cliff line

Quite often used design elements of certain types as well as large (plans, sections), and small such as the knot is needed to hide everything that is behind him. These families are in different templates, so you can just as well use it, the plugin will allow you to do this a little faster, especially if you put a hotkey on this button.

  1. So on the view click on the "Cliff line" plugin

  2. Then click on the view, indicating the first and second point of the arrangement of the family, and you have a new located family in the view

2. Highness marker

The "Highness marker" plugin will allow you to put a family of highness marker for the design of nodes, where you do not need a link with the dynamic model (i.e. those nodes on which you just need to indicate the highness marker).

  1. So click on the button in the "Highness marker".

  2. Then specify the first point where we will have the line of the height mark, then specify the point where the height mark itself will be located and type the value of the marker, as a result we get the formed annotation.

3. Takeout

The "Takeout" plugin allows you to make a takeout with an indication of text under the shelf and above the shelf.

  1. Launch the plugin

  2. Then point all the points where there will be a tab and where there will be the removal itself

A separate feature of this plugin is that it automatically increases the length of the shelf in dependence on how wide the text will be. That is, if you then add some more text in the callout, the length of the shelf itself will change.

4. Cutting

The Cutting plugin will give you the ability to place a family of cut annotations to indicate these annotations on the plans or on some nodes.

  1. Launch the plugin.

  2. Then specify two points the location of the size and fill in the fields that appear number of the section and, if necessary, the number of the sheet on which this section will be located. Note that this is all annotation and it does not apply to the real cutting.

A nice extra feature of this plugin is that when you change the family turn annotation section, the plugin will rotate the view number itself and sheet number so that these numbers will always be vertical

5. Separate grid

We all design nodes often use the designation of the grids, so with the plugin "Separate grid" you can quickly create a family of annotated separate grid on your view.

  1. Launch the plugin

  2. Next, as with the other plugins, we specify the grid direction with two points and type the name of the grid in the appeared window, we get the located grid family.

As with the cutting, if we rotate the grid, its designation will also always be vertical.

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